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For code OH, remove the hot tub cover and set the tub to the economy setting. The --- code will require help from an authorized I have a sunrise hot tub and a prr code comes on and temp goes down. If I run the Jets the temp wil come back up. - Answered by a verified Pool and Spa Expert The next thing to do is remove your tub filter cartridges. If the error clears, it was likely the fault of dirty filters. Clean your filters before putting them back in your tub to ensure the error message doesn’t pop up again.

Pr code on hot tub

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FL = Flow. Pressure switch is not working. SN = Non functional high temperature sensor. Heater is deactivated. F2 = 4 hours daily filtration F4 = 8 hours daily filtration F6 = 12 hours daily filtration FC = continuous filtration Rule number 1 is to always (not with pressurized filter cannister) fill the hot tub after a drain down by placing the hose pipe in the filter housing (remove filter) this fills the hot tub from inside to outside, rather than placing the hose pipe in tub, (this fills outside to inside) and is the primary cause of FLO errors. Fault on hot tub repair Pool Care Made Easy.

AOH: Temp in Equipment compartment to high. FLO: Pressure switch failure, switch open. FLC: Pressure switch failure, switch closed.

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primed when the heater engages, the spa may overheat causing serious damage. Pr It will heat to the set temperature and the spa may cool down until the next filtration cycle. Heating will resume again in 12 hours.


Pr code on hot tub

SL. Sleep mode. A spa may be installed within five (5) feet (1.52 m) of metal surfaces if, in accordance with the National Electrical Code / IEC, each metal surface is permanently. Verified Today: Free Shipping on orders over $35 | Premium Spa Cover Packages Now: $339.95. 15 Jan 2020 Promo code is a specially designed unique code (alphabetic or numeric), which gives the holder the right to purchase Wood-fired Hot Tub or  4 Feb 2021 Balboa Hot Tub Codes F8 Coupons, Promo Codes 09-2020 Best www.

Pr code on hot tub

When the temperature probe is disconnected the message “Prr” is … Bath Tub Controls; Bath Tub Heaters; Bath Tub Plumbing Assembly Kit; Bath Tub The codes above are all related to flow issues or the pressure switch/flow switch and are the most put your hand on the stainless steel heater manifold, it should NOT be hot, it should only be at the same temperature the water in the spa is.
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Pr code on hot tub

(Displays when first powered up after refill). Std = Spa operating in Standard Mode. Ecn = Spa operating in Economy Mode. SE = Spa operating in Standard-in-Economy Mode.

3 Flashing Dots. 3 Flashing Dots & LED. HL: Sensor measuring 119F. Causes of the common following fault codes.
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Branch circuit wiring per 680.23 F1 , and feeders per 680.25. x Indoor installations shall comply with Article 680-40 and 680-43 x Maintenance disconnect to be located 5 ¶ or greater from hot tub and within sight.

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The Getaway Hot Tub Owner's Manual is chock-full of valuable hot tub ownership information from how to install your new hot tub to step-by-step start-up and operations instructions we've got you covered. 2021-03-23 Find a great selection of hot tubs from some of the top brands like Hudson Bay, Plug & Power, and Dr. Wellness. Aqua Living Factory Outlets sells 110v, 220v, and swim spas at wholesale prices. Browse our collection of affordable Hot tubs and spas in stock at Aqua Living Factory Outlets. Pr or PRIMING MODE TAKES 4 MIN Message . The Spa is Operating in "Priming" (Pr) Mode. The Spa has just been powered up and is in Priming Mode for 4 Minutes.